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Fit for purpose

Did you know that you can also make a positive impact on the lives of others by training with Bino? For every session you complete, you help create jobs for skilled trainers in the Global South!

How does it work?

1. Book time

Find a time that suits you. You will be assigned a skilled PT based on your goals and fitness level .

2. Say hello on chat!

Before the session, we'll set up a chat on WhatsApp between you and your PT so you can get to know each other a bit.

3. First PT session

In the first session, the PT will get to know you better and assess your fitness level. The session is online.

What do our customers say?

I am very happy with Bino and my trainer, Upendo! Definitely feel the difference. I am much stronger than I was before and probably more than I have ever been. Very nice!

Ingrid Berg
I can't speak highly enough of my trainer Shingie, and what he has done for my health, body composition, and understanding of exercise.

Shingie and Bino's method makes training fun and will also push you to a new level in your training!
Nina Inberg
I've tried PT sessions before, but always found them too expensive. But here I can get it at a reasonable price and at the same time help my trainer, John, who lives in Malawi.

My wife and I love the concept and every Sunday we have "family training" on the living room floor.
Kristofer Selbekk
My trainer Upendo keeps me fit and also helps me with the "boring" exercises I get from my physiotherapist!
Mari Stamsø
As a father of 3 kids, I love doing a quick and effective workout after my kids have gone to bed.
Markus Lund

Reach your goals with experienced trainers

All Bino trainers are experienced personal trainers with a demonstrated track record of training a wide variety of clients 1-1.

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And while you burn calories...

...we give calories to children who need them. For every session with a Bino trainer, we donate 1 meal to the local orphanages around Blantyre, Malawi.

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We have training concepts for both companies and individuals. We can tailor programs that suit your preferences and lifestyle.